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Mark BraunMeet Mark Braun, Photographer


My interest in photography began when my father gave me my first Canon SLR for Christmas when I was in 7th grade. Throughout High school I developed my skills and passion shooting local events for a chain of suburban newspapers, covering current news, sporting events and social occasions. In addition I pursued general interest photography on my own. In college my roommate and best friend share this interest and we worked photography into many of our school projects culminating in two photo studies of Chicago. One featured Victorian architecture of the near west side, the other mass transit within the City. 


When I entered the business world, my talents were put to use briefly to shoot catalog and general use images on auto assembly lines for a pneumatic tool company. However, I moved on to sales and put my cameras down for nearly 20 years. 


After being encouraged by several friends to pick up my cameras, I started photographing flowers, and became interested in nature and landscape photography. As I became re aquatinted to photography and eventually migrated to Digital photography, I began traveling west to the Rocky Mountains focusing on the majesty of the landscape and nature’s serenity. 


I find a great deal of comfort even therapeutic relaxation in the activity of taking photographs. The solitude and peaceful silence I experience when photographing nature allows me to move forward though life with a positive outlook. 


All of the photographs you see for sale are printed by a professional printing house using either computerized traditional photographic processes (light, paper and chemicals) or archival ink jet process for all canvas prints. The photo’s on paper have the same characteristics as any photograph, and the Canvas prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All images are available in a variety of sizes and printing options but need to retain the originals height to width ratio to ensure proper composition. 


Message the artist Mark Braun or call at 314.221.0133 for more details or to purchase original prints signed by the artist.